Hashemi, et al. v. Bosley, Inc.

United States District Court Central District of California
Case No. 2:21-cv-00946 PSG (RAOx)


If you were notified by mail of a Data Incident impacting Bosley, Inc. in 2020, you may be eligible for a payment from a class action settlement.

A Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit about a data incident that occurred in August 2020, which potentially exposed the personal information of Bosley, Inc. (“Bosley”) customers and employees (the “Data Incident”). The lawsuit alleges that Bosley was responsible for the Data Incident because it did not take appropriate care to protect personal information it collected from hacking. Bosley denies the claims and denies any wrongdoing.

Who Is Included?

Bosley’s records show you are a likely member of the Settlement Class and/or the California Settlement Subclass. The Settlement Class includes all persons residing in the United States who were notified by mail in January or February 2021 of the Data Incident, and whose personally identifiable information (PII) was potentially compromised in the Data Incident. Members of the Settlement Class who were residing in the State of California at the time of the Data Incident are also included in the California Settlement Subclass.

What Can I Get?

The Settlement will reimburse people who submit claims for:

(1) Unreimbursed, documented out-of-pocket expenses and/or compensation for lost time, that resulted from the Data Incident, up to a maximum of $300 per person; and

(2) Unreimbursed, documented extraordinary expenses and lost time related to actual fraud that were caused by the Data Incident, up to a maximum of $5,000 per person.

(3) This Settlement also provides free access to Financial Shield Services ("Financial Shield") for a period of 2 years following enrollment without the need to submit a claim. Enrollment in Financial Shield must be completed within 90 days of the Settlement Effective Date.

Individual payments may be reduced if the total value of all valid claims exceeds $500,000.

Finally, as part of the Settlement, Bosley has agreed to implement and/or maintain certain data security measures.

If you are a Settlement Class Member and/or California Settlement Subclass Member and you want to receive any benefits from the Settlement, you must complete and submit a Claim Form along with any required supporting information. The deadline to submit a Claim Form is July 7, 2022.

What Are My Rights?

You will be legally bound by decisions of the Court and you give up the right to sue for the claims in this case.
Exclude Yourself
If you exclude yourself, you are not to be legally bound by the Settlement and you keep your right to sue. However, you will not get any money from the Settlement. You must submit your exclusion by June 7, 2022.
You can stay in the Settlement and tell the Court why you do not like the Settlement. Objections must be submitted by October 24, 2022. Detailed instruction on how to exclude yourself or object to the Settlement are found in the full Class Notice on the website or by calling 1-888-281-3953.
Submit a Claim
The only way to get a payment. You must submit a claim by July 7, 2022.